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Digital Vinyl 2

Digital Vinyl 2 - Ironbox Music 24
Digital Vinyl 2 – Ironbox Music 24
As usual, iron box does things differently. the common trend in this digital world is for releases to come out first on vinyl and then later (or simultaneously) released digitally. but in the world of iron box, vinyl is a medium which deserves quality music. and if quality music has been released digitally previously, why shouldn’t it be featured on vinyl at some point. so the decision was made to take the best tracks of some of the pasts digital releases and slap them onto a single vinyl. a kind of a “digital best-of” if you will released on an analogue medium.
Label : Ironbox Music
Artist : Various Artists
Title : Digital 2 Vinyl
Remixer : – / -
Mastering : Ironbox Music
Catalog Number : ibox024
Pre-Sales : -/-
Release Date : 07.10.2008


01 Brian Aneurysm & Christian Quast – Wessex
02 Maetrik – Polygonic (Brian Ffar Remix)
03 Echopilot – Identity

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