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New remix for Siteholder Records

Brojanowski - Lucid Dreaming EP

Artist: Brojanowski
Title: Lucid Dreaming
Format: Digital
Cat. No.: SH034
Release Date: Monday, December 16, 2013
Download: Direct from Siteholder Shop



The Lucid Dreaming EP is a conceptual piece that explores the concepts of dreaming, both asleep and awake.

“In My Dreams” embodies the beautiful, strange, and sometimes contradicting ¬†events that occur while dreaming. ¬†”In My Dreams” sonically travels through different stages of time without boundaries and represents a proverbial voyage of new people and experiences.

“Pillow talks” is something in-between sleep and consciousness – the teetering point where it is unclear whether your reality is actual real or still trapped in its dream state. We encourage you to check your totem!

Brian Ffar’s interpretation of “Pillow Talks” takes a more hazy and medicated approach to this dream anthem. Foggy soundscapes and undulating basslines cloud your judgement – the only correct way to progress through your journey is downward.

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