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New Mix – “Getting My Sh!t Together”

It’s been a VERY long time since I’ve made a mix and I’m SO happy to be back, “getting my sh!t together.” There was once a time when I made at least one mix a month for 6 years running. Life got the better of me, but I’m back now, and feeling very positive and inspired about music in 2013.

I spent a lot of time digging through my vinyl collection to put something together that I feel is credible yet still relevant. There are some amazing contemporary djs and live performers out there, and my goal, from day the day I started this adventure, was to be respected by the artists I used to (and still do) look up to. Through at least a decade of Djing and producing, I like to think that in my own little world, I’ve done that.

So, with a big shrug of my shoulders, all I really hope is that you enjoy this mix as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

Thanks so much for all the support over the years and here’s to a prosperous future!

Brian Ffar (Siteholder Records, Chicago)

1. Matt Paffel – Fat [Parotic Music]
2. Move D – Anne Will [Liebe*Detail]
3. Canson – Rarefied [Substatic]
4. Tom Ellis – Driver Problems [Trimsound]
5. Pantytec – Maybe [Perlon]
6. Tan-Ru – B-Lever [Trelik]
7. DJ Terry – Tirlarigo [2020 Vision]
8. White Papoo – Papoo [Clafooti]
7. Justin Maxwell – Stegasaurus
8. Krikark – Boulevard [Karat]
9. Aysam – Borderline (Online) [Cosmetic Music]
10. Caro – Citta Alla Notte [Orac]
11. D’Kawa – Kurokin (DJ Deeon Mix 1) [Kodaira Tracks]

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