Brian Ffar | Siteholder Records, Chicago

The Red Line Sessions #65

Tuesday, August 26, 2008 – 11am EST | 12pm CST | 5pm GMT
The Red Line Sessions 65 hosted by Brian Ffar

1 Motorcitysoul – The Start Feat. Ernesto [Simple Recordings]
2 Fine Cut Bodies Chris Carter – Fiddlesticks [Chi Recordings]
3 Misc. – Chemosphere (Headhunter Mix) [Lost Souls]
4 Donnacha Costello – Trust [Minimise]
5 Scape One – Fermata [Satamile]
6 Betty Botox – Et (Carlos Peron) 1987 [Endless Flight]
7 Droado – Trystep [Missive]
8 Leif – Kindling [Trimsound]
9 Decado – Opossum Ritual
10 Huge Hephner – Sean Da Don [Siteholder]
11 Michael Louis – Hiato [Siteholder Uncut]
12 Tyrone – Ounce Of Bounce [Siteholder Uncut]

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2 Responses to “The Red Line Sessions #65”

  1. Anton says:

    Brian-this steeply outstanding music!!! Want more!

  2. Cedrik from Paris says:

    Hi mister Ffar ! ;-)

    Why do you stop your great show “The Red Line Sessions” on Proton ???
    I am one of your biggest “fanatic” in France since 2004..!
    WHY do you deprive us on a regular internet radio show from your so lovely (really amazing and UNIQUE !!!) minimal sounds…??? :( (

    I love your music style (and you know that I am NOT the only one in Europe), so where do you intend to start again a new regular internet radio show ?
    I’m an “onDemand” suscriber so I will be able to wait your next mixes with your old Proton sessions…
    I’m so sad with this very bad “breaking news” of ending the RLS on Proton…
    ..and very disappointed by the proton crew which could not keep you on their show listing!!!

    Please, come back as soon as possible to help us of keeping alive and with a good health our “minimal electronic lifestyle”… precious in this strange world..! ;-) )

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything you have done in the past, especially since these last 5 years on Proton radio…

    In the hope of hearing you soon : BIG RESPECT TO YOU,
    best regards & with love.

    Cedrik from Paris

    (Post Scriptum: sorry for my bad English, I need to practice a little more)

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