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Control Ableton w/ your iPhone/iPod Touch!

Mrmr + OSCulator + Live = The Jam!

Mrmr + OSCulator + Live = The Jam!

So, a friend of mine turned me onto this free iPhone/iPod Touch app called MRMR (pronounced Murmur).  Murmer basically allows you to create customized interfaces on your iPod/iPhone to control different things.  In this case, I’ve created a Youtube video tutorial on how to set it up.

Hope you find it useful.  Please leave a comment if you like the vids.

Part 1 – iPod Touch + MRMR + OSCulator + Ableton Live = The Jam!

Part 2 – iPod Touch + MRMR + OSCulator + Ableton Live = The Jam!

5 Responses to “Control Ableton w/ your iPhone/iPod Touch!”

  1. andre says:

    Hi Brian,

    thanks for the nice article! Do you have any idea if its possible to use mrmr for ableton live clip launching while the app displays the status which clip is fired? I can´t find a way to do it with mrmr or touch osc. I touch midi can do this but it´s too expensive and not flexible at all. Thanks Andre.

  2. Brian Ffar says:

    Andre, you can definitely do this with Mrmr, but it’s not as flashy as I would like. You can set up a button matrix, and use Ableton to “midi learn” and launch clips, but there won’t be anything within Mrmr that will tell you the status of those clips. You’ll still have to use midi cc’s in OSCulator. What you CAN do as a work around is hold down a virtual button in Mrmr, and then slide your finger downward. This will “lock” the button, and leave it in a blue colored state, but like I said, not really all that flashy or helpful. thanks for the comment.

  3. Vinni Kiniki says:

    Hi Brian,
    Great tute, although your using MAC i have a question. I just failed with TouchOSC + WinXp in a live situation (because there wasn’t a wifi network to connect to) and i dont know how (or if it is possible to “airport” on a pc). Can this program/setup be used WIRED without wifi connection? I appreciate your reply.

  4. Brian Ffar says:


    Thanks for checking the vids out. It is definitely possible to connect wirelessly to your PC. However, after looking into it, it’s not as streamlined as it is for Mac users. Check out the following link, hopefully it’ll help:

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