Brian Ffar | Siteholder Records, Chicago

Ballroom Hustler EP



Artist: Brian Ffar
Title: Ballroom Hustler EP
Format: 12” Vinyl | Digital
Cat. No.: SH004
Release Date: OUT NOW

————— Tracks ——–——

A1 We’re Coming [audio:]
B1 Ballroom Hustler (Original) [audio:]
B2 Ballroom Hustler (Billy Dalessandro’s “Pimps & Hoes” Remix [audio:]
** We’re Coming (Dafluke Remix) – Digital Exclusive [audio:]


“What do you do when you’re not busy running Siteholder Records?” people often ask of Chicago based DJ/Producer Brian Ffar. “Well, on the side,” Ffar regularly replies, “I’m a ballroom hustler.”

And hence follows an ode to dark rooms and late nights: The “Ballroom Hustler” EP, brought to you by the king of swing, Brian Ffar (also of Gourmet Recordings, Loco United, and Tic Tac Toe Records).

The A-side, “We’re Coming”, is a tech beast call to arms. Fierce drums, pummeling bass, and the simple vocal bring chaos to the dance floor. This is not opening material, this is full-on four-to-the-floor electronic dance music meant to be consumed by sweaty, packed clubs all over the world.

“Ballroom Hustler” graces the B-side both in its original form as well as with a Billy Dalessandro remix.

The original is all hustle and flow. Funky, charming, featuring an oozing bass line and pelvis shaking synth stabs. Don’t underestimate this track, winning the first round only to find out you’re about to be hustled by the ballroom hustler himself is a common mistake in the tech house manual.

Billy Dalessandro’s “Pimps and Ho’s”remix is all work and no play. It’s a testament to his time spent hustling the streets, churning out serious beats to put food on the table. Are you giving this remix a funny look? I didn’t think so. One more glance like that and you’re bound to get slapped.

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