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I’m kind of a big deal…

Well it looks like I’m finally worthy of a Beatport artist page!  Even though I appear to be a) extremely angry with the top 10 downloads box and b) taking a crap while posing for this picture, I still think it’s very cool and really appreciate it!

Check out my artist page here.

I just wanted to thank the Siteholder Crew and of course Little Mike for putting this together as a pre-birthday present.  *tear*

3 Responses to “I’m kind of a big deal…”

  1. rakeem says:

    you got “kinda” right :P

  2. since you’re so huge, you should ebay that crap you’re taking

  3. victorgonzales says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA . You look VERY annoyed with that box. LOL

    Awesome you got a beatport page though.

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