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[ttt07] Cant / Brian Ffar – Reach For It / Drip

Artist: Cant / Brian Ffar
Title: Reach For It / Drip
Format: Vinyl 12”
Cat.No.: TTT 007
Releasedate: 14.12.2005
A1: Cant – Reach For It (The Verdict)
A2: Cant – Reach For It (The Verdict / Brian Ffar Remix)
B1: Brian Ffar – Drip
B2: Brian Ffar – Drip (Cant Remix)

- the Danish label for high end minimal house and techno – presents to you a true quid pro quo release with Brian Ffar from Chicago, USA and Cant from Copenhagen, Denmark. Each have produced a track of their own – and both have requirked and revamped the other guy’s track into a remix.

Cant is already a household name for the Tic Tac Toe buyers, known as Hansen – the one half of Hansen & DJ Daniel. He is a technical mastermind that has produced music since God knows when – and he doesn’t limit himself to the boundaries of electronic dance music. Hansen has produced and released rock, pop, ambient and experimental records, and is also quite a name on the industrial scene, where he produces under his ‘Unveiled’ moniker, releasing on labels such as World Serpent.

Here on Tic Tac Toe, Hansen/Cant gives us the track‚ ‘Reach For It (The Verdict)’ that has that oldschool minimal noisy/dusty beat to it that brings some of the ol’ Chicago jackin house stuff to mind. A treat for the connoisseurs! The Brian Ffar take on the track transforms it into a true new school American minimal remix, subtly driven and filled with quirky dynamics with an eye for every detail.

Brian Ffar is one of the young and upcoming artists from the US. Living in the music history laden Chicago has influenced heavily on Brian’s evolvement as an artist. For the past few years, he has been focusing on the more minimal techier side of music. The track submitted for this split EP, called ‘Drip’, is an excellent example of the unique stuff, he is turning out – with promises of what can be expected from his studio in the future. On a deepish minimal skeleton, layers of deftly constructed sounds smoothly intertwine a subtle melody and bass line – creating an ever evolving track that moves you from the get-go and just gets more interesting every time you listen to it.

Doing the remix, Cant makes optimal use of the wide range of audio material and twirks the track into a jackin but still deep rework with an added oldschool’ish sound.

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