Brian Ffar | Siteholder Records, Chicago

UnCut Premium Pt. 2

Chitown REPRESENT – the Chicago-based Siteholder Records crew returns with a brand-spanking new sub-label, UnCut Ltd.  Featuring the very best selections from their digital label – UnCut – these gems once only available in digital format are now coming to you on vinyl.

The Donk Boys kick off this release with “Kantorer”, from their Triangelen EP on UnCut.  Displaying their signature fun and funky sound that has made them such a staple in so many globe trotting DJs’ record bags, the Floppy Funk, Frankie, and Trapez artists pull no punches with this rocker.

Dallas based producer Maetrik needs no introduction.  Nor does his remix of Bumpin’ Ugly’s “Work Me”, to this date on the most well received tracks on the UnCut label.  Chosen by none other than the legendary Danny Tenaglia for his forthcoming compilation on Tommy Boy records, this cut is no-nonsense four-to-the-floor madness.

Brian Ffar rounds out the second release for UnCut Ltd. with “Excessless”.  As part of his Teflon Villian EP, this slice of dark, hypnotic late night goodness has long been a staple in many a DJ’s diet.  Plant yourself in front of a sub and feel the low end awaken your soul.

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