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Plasmodium Radio 91: Brian Ffar has asked for my June Liveset for their radio show – I couldn’t be more excited!

Check it out here:


Many things make the man. He needs arms, legs, head, heart, soul and (sometimes) clothes. Water for hydration, food for sustenance, xbox for sanity. Plasmodium means multi-nucleic, and so are we. While we may be a DJ, a producer, a graphic artist, a photographer or a nerd, no single thing defines us. So why should this blog? serves as an outlet for our many interests as well as a platform to showcase Totally Rad Music being made by Totally Rad People from all corners of the globe.

Plasmodium started out in 2004 as a weekly 4-hour internet radio show broadcasted live from Oseao in Seattle, WA, with residents Kristina Childs, DJ Saigon, Miss Kick (aka Red Pony), DJ Veins (aka Dave Segal), Paul Edwards and Brandy Westmore. It featured many styles of electronic music as well as artist and label features, interviews and special in-studio live performances. When Oseao changed it’s business plan from internet broadcaster to aggregator/distributor, Plasmodium Radio had to find a new home. Fast-forward to September 2009: Plasmodium Radio v3 with a new format, new delivery method and new content-driven website. Ta-Da!

Q&A w/ Billy Dalessandro and Brian Ffar – Ibiza Voice

A cool interview with Ibiza Voice:

Control Ableton w/ your iPhone/iPod Touch!

Mrmr + OSCulator + Live = The Jam!

Mrmr + OSCulator + Live = The Jam!

So, a friend of mine turned me onto this free iPhone/iPod Touch app called MRMR (pronounced Murmur).  Murmer basically allows you to create customized interfaces on your iPod/iPhone to control different things.  In this case, I’ve created a Youtube video tutorial on how to set it up.

Hope you find it useful.  Please leave a comment if you like the vids.

Part 1 – iPod Touch + MRMR + OSCulator + Ableton Live = The Jam!

Part 2 – iPod Touch + MRMR + OSCulator + Ableton Live = The Jam!

I’m kind of a big deal…

Well it looks like I’m finally worthy of a Beatport artist page!  Even though I appear to be a) extremely angry with the top 10 downloads box and b) taking a crap while posing for this picture, I still think it’s very cool and really appreciate it!

Check out my artist page here.

I just wanted to thank the Siteholder Crew and of course Little Mike for putting this together as a pre-birthday present.  *tear*