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Brojanowski - Lucid Dreaming EP

Artist: Brojanowski
Title: Lucid Dreaming
Format: Digital
Cat. No.: SH034
Release Date: Monday, December 16, 2013
Download: Direct from Siteholder Shop



The Lucid Dreaming EP is a conceptual piece that explores the concepts of dreaming, both asleep and awake.

“In My Dreams” embodies the beautiful, strange, and sometimes contradicting  events that occur while dreaming.  ”In My Dreams” sonically travels through different stages of time without boundaries and represents a proverbial voyage of new people and experiences.

“Pillow talks” is something in-between sleep and consciousness – the teetering point where it is unclear whether your reality is actual real or still trapped in its dream state. We encourage you to check your totem!

Brian Ffar’s interpretation of “Pillow Talks” takes a more hazy and medicated approach to this dream anthem. Foggy soundscapes and undulating basslines cloud your judgement – the only correct way to progress through your journey is downward.

Wetfood EP



Artist: Slutbox
Title: Wetfood EP
Format: 12” Vinyl | Digital
Cat. No.: SH013
Release Date: (Vinyl – October 1, 2009) | (Digital – October 2009 @ Beatport)

How does one follow up the highly successful “Nitrogen 2 Oxygen 1” and “Backseat Driver” EPs? Slutbox duo Billy Dalessandro and Daniel Mnookin do so with a deeper cut featuring kicks, basslines, thunderstorms, and a memorable lyric, “Wet food, time to earn my money.”

…and earn their money they do…

Jason Emsley and Brian Ffar share remix duties, taking the original on a ride down two very different paths. Emsley holds nothing back with his all-systems-go rework: this is straight up techno and if you don’t come prepared you’ll find yourself down for the count on the nightclub sidelines. Ffar throws us a curveball by inducing the original with a squirt-squirt of Chicago style acid house. After all, this is the town where the label was born and bred.

Siteholder drops release “Lucky Number 13” in stride, with no intentions of ever looking back.

Do It EP



Artist: Victor Gonzales
Title: Do It EP
Format: Digital
Cat. No.: SHUC023
Release Date: AVAILABLE ON FRIDAY, April 17, 2009 @ Beatport

————— Tracks ——–——

Do It (Original) [audio:]
Do It (Billy Dalessandro Remix [audio:]
Do It (Brian Ffar Remix) [audio:]
Do It (Nicolas Duvoisin Remix) [audio:]

For fans of Siteholder UnCut, the name Victor Gonzales should most definitely ring a bell. The Arizona based producer made his debut on the imprint last July with the Heritage EP. Now that a new year is upon us, we present a fresh EP by Victor, entitled “Do It.”

Evoking a mood that rests nicely between the BPitch meets Areal style of crunchy techno and electro, Victor’s “Do It” is one moody bastard. Plenty of emotion and grit emerge from the nearly seven-minute production, resulting in a work that quenches the thirst of both the late night clubber as well as the at home listener.

A trio of remixes accompanies the original track, beginning with Billy Dalessandro. His rework is in the vein of the Siteholder quartet’s latest label endeavor, Facet Recordings (the first release of which is currently available for FREE DOWNLOAD at Brian Ffar and Switzerland’s Nicolas Duvoisin (last seen nearly a year ago as part of the Dirty Snitch UnCut project) bring the floor friendly beats, rounding out this diverse project as Siteholder UnCut approaches two successful years of dropping quality digital beats.

UnCut Premium Pt. 5



Shapes & Sizes LP



1 Yeti Quest – Grue / Yopo Lattice
2 Adjective – Cohiba
3 Perse – Home
4 Pacific Atlas – Modern Surveillance
5 Steve Edwards – Name Game
6 Massif – Annapurna
7 Ditech – CLU
8 Billy Dalessandro – High Fructose Corn Syrup
9 Pacific Atlas – Marbles in the Sky
10 Perse – Slip
11 Brian Ffar – Lullaby
12 Expander feat. Tania Carvalho – Take 1

Surely there’s more to music than house and techno, right?  The Chicago-based quartet that makes up Siteholder Records certainly thinks so.  After launching a trio of successful labels (Siteholder UnCut and UnCut Ltd. making up the second and third), the group debuts its fourth imprint – Facet Recordings – aimed at exploring electronic sounds that go beyond the dance floor.

The Facet catalog kicks off with a compilation, entitled “Shapes and Sizes,” and features faces both new and old to fans of the Siteholder sound.  There are no limits, and Facet 001 gives a taste of what can be expected from this latest venture.  Longtime Siteholder collaborator Jason Emsley introduces the alias Massif for his ambient exploration “Annapurna.”  Larry Hall (also known as Bumpin’ Ugly) presents his latest alter ego, PerSe, for a pair of off-kilter trip hop productions:  “Home” and “Slip.”

Billy Dalessandro makes three appearances – one as himself for “High Fructose Corn Syrup,” one with Galuzska (under the Adjective alias) on “Cohiba,” and another with Hall (under the Ditech moniker) entitled “CLU.”

Galuszka makes his debut as Pacific Atlas with a pair melodic downtempo numbers entitled “Modern Surveillence” and “Marbles in the Sky.”  Brian Ffar presents us with “Lullaby,” a far cry from his respected tech house beats, but a welcome glimpse into the softer side of his production personality.  Portugal’s Ilidio Chaves (better know as Expander) features Tania Carvalho on “Take 1,” a tripped-out space travel through piano madness.

Rounding out this project are a pair of fresh faces – Netherlands-based mad scientist Brandon Invergo (a.k.a. Yeti Quest) and Arizona’s Steve Edwards.  Yeti Quest’s “Grue / Yopo Lattice” takes the listener down the darker alleys of experimental electronic music, while Edward’s “Name Game” demonstrates that 4/4 beats are not off limit via this micro-click adventure.

Facet 001 is a breath of fresh air into the Siteholder camp, and kicks off their latest project in an effort to expand the boundaries of electronic music beyond standard nightclub beats.  We hope that you enjoy it!


Billy Bought A Laser EP



Samples Clips (Click to Listen)

Original [audio:]
Pan Pot Remix [audio:]
Donk Boys Remix [audio:]
Tyrone’s Digital Exclusive Remix [audio:]

The rumors are true:  Billy Bought A Laser.  And to commemorate this recent purchase that has been gracing after hours sessions on the northwest side of Chicago, Brian Ffar returns to the Siteholder rotation to head up the label’s 10th vinyl release.

“Billy Bought A Laser” is unrepentant tech house – smoke machines and laser beams seen and heard along with powerful kicks and gladiator bass.  It’s been a while since the label co-owner released new material, but the wait was worthwhile.  Data glitch synths bond with slice and dice steel tipped hi hats – laser purchases are clearly an inspiration when it comes to the production results Ffar has submitted.

Faces new and old take on the remix duties, starting with Berlin duo Pan-Pot.  The Mobilee team of Tassilo and Thomas is a well-known name in techno, but new to the Siteholder camp.  They deliver a deep and dark interpreta- tion of the original.  One imagines the Berliners holding a candle up to waxed clubbers’ faces at the wee hours of the morning, and melting away that final layer of flesh separating naughty from nice.

Sweden’s Donk Boys first appeared on Siteholder as part of an UnCut project.  Since releasing the highly successful Triangelen EP nearly a year ago, they now swap roles and take a seat in the remixer’s chair.  “Lasers?  We love lasers!” squeal the Malmö residents in delight.  Funk makes friends with the original, resulting in a manner that is truly representative of the Donk Boy’s playful nature.

For the digital exclusive remix, Chitown bad boy Tyrone graces us with his presence via a 9+ minute opus.  We’d tell you more, but Tyrone urges us to remain silent and let the 1s and 2s do the talking on nothing short of the world’s most enduring sound systems.  Indeed it is true, Billy Bought A Laser, and Brian Ffar brought the soundtrack.

Resident Advisor Review [4/5]

Beatport or your favorite online record shop

Mirapex EP



Sample Clips (Click to Listen)

1 Original [audio:]
2 Billy Dalessandro’s “Facet Style” Remix [audio:]
3 Jason Emsley’s “Medicated” Remix [audio:]
4 Brian Ffar Remix [audio:]
5 Dispater’s “Dis Body” Remix [audio:]

Although Denver-based DJ/Producer/Promoter Larry Ursini’s hair color and style can be unpredictable from one week to the next, something that has become quite consistent is the quality of his studio output. Whether it’s releasing tracks with Pier Bucci under the Glacier alias, or riding solo as Crazy Larry, Ursini has begun to come into his own as a respected name in the deep techno community.

“Mirapex” is further evidence of his growing studio maturity, both gritty and powerful at the same time. Resounding kicks and an addictive bass line comprise the backbone of “Mirapex.” Next come the twisted synths, piercing hi-hats, and finally a spooky spoken female vocal. When all of the track’s various elements combine forces, “Mirapex” shines as one of Crazy Larry’s finest compositions to date.

For this final UnCut release of 2008, the Siteholder team holds nothing back when it comes to arranging an impeccable line-up of remixers. Siteholder label owners Billy Dalessandro and Brian Ffar are on board, as well as label regular Jason Emsley. Rounding out the release is the debut by Berlin-based expatriates Daniel Orestes and Mike Chapman (a.k.a. Little Mike), who take this opportunity to launch their Dispater alias.

2008 has been a good year to the Chicago based label, and finishing things up with the Mirapex EP can only hint at the great things to come in ’09.

Digital Vinyl 2

Digital Vinyl 2 - Ironbox Music 24
Digital Vinyl 2 – Ironbox Music 24
As usual, iron box does things differently. the common trend in this digital world is for releases to come out first on vinyl and then later (or simultaneously) released digitally. but in the world of iron box, vinyl is a medium which deserves quality music. and if quality music has been released digitally previously, why shouldn’t it be featured on vinyl at some point. so the decision was made to take the best tracks of some of the pasts digital releases and slap them onto a single vinyl. a kind of a “digital best-of” if you will released on an analogue medium.
Label : Ironbox Music
Artist : Various Artists
Title : Digital 2 Vinyl
Remixer : – / -
Mastering : Ironbox Music
Catalog Number : ibox024
Pre-Sales : -/-
Release Date : 07.10.2008


01 Brian Aneurysm & Christian Quast – Wessex
02 Maetrik – Polygonic (Brian Ffar Remix)
03 Echopilot – Identity

Listen Here

UnCut Premium Pt. 2

Chitown REPRESENT – the Chicago-based Siteholder Records crew returns with a brand-spanking new sub-label, UnCut Ltd.  Featuring the very best selections from their digital label – UnCut – these gems once only available in digital format are now coming to you on vinyl.

The Donk Boys kick off this release with “Kantorer”, from their Triangelen EP on UnCut.  Displaying their signature fun and funky sound that has made them such a staple in so many globe trotting DJs’ record bags, the Floppy Funk, Frankie, and Trapez artists pull no punches with this rocker.

Dallas based producer Maetrik needs no introduction.  Nor does his remix of Bumpin’ Ugly’s “Work Me”, to this date on the most well received tracks on the UnCut label.  Chosen by none other than the legendary Danny Tenaglia for his forthcoming compilation on Tommy Boy records, this cut is no-nonsense four-to-the-floor madness.

Brian Ffar rounds out the second release for UnCut Ltd. with “Excessless”.  As part of his Teflon Villian EP, this slice of dark, hypnotic late night goodness has long been a staple in many a DJ’s diet.  Plant yourself in front of a sub and feel the low end awaken your soul.

Are You There? EP



Artist: Billy Dalessandro
Title: Are You There? EP
Format: 12” Vinyl | Digital
Cat. No.: SH005
Release Date: (Vinyl – February 2008 – NOW AVAILABLE) | (Digital – Friday, February 29, 2008 @ Beatport)

————— Tracks ——–——

A1 Original [audio:]
B1 Elon Remix [audio:]
B2 Brian Ffar Remix [audio:]
** Jason Short Remix – Digital Exclusive [audio:]

Coming off of his monster releases “Don’t Sleep” and “That Trick She Knows”, Siteholder’s
own kung fu master Billy Dalessandro returns with “Are You There?” – another bomb that will
definitely not make it through airport security undetected. Explosive kicks serenade a nasty
acid line over a signature Dalessandro-style vocal; this peak timer is no holds barred techno

New York based Clink Recording’s artist Elon makes his debut appearance for the Siteholder
team with a storming remix. Twisted effects, a unique take on the vocal, and a pulsating
bass line define this hard-hitting approach. Fearless in its pursuit and certainly without
any room for prisoners, this re-working of “Are You There” comes out of the gate sprinting
and never lets down. Another successful New York-Chicago connection has been made.

Rounding out the EP, Brian Ffar follows up his highly successful “Ballroom Hustler” EP with
a take on the single reflecting his cultivated production style. An atmospheric tech house
approach reveals well-placed synths over the drawn out vocal from the original. But don’t
assume this is child’s play, Ffar’s kick drum isn’t afraid to pummel a club system’s subs. The
avalanche inducing bass line that follows caps off this fifth Siteholder record with a very clear
message: “Are You There” is serious business.

Ballroom Hustler EP



Artist: Brian Ffar
Title: Ballroom Hustler EP
Format: 12” Vinyl | Digital
Cat. No.: SH004
Release Date: OUT NOW

————— Tracks ——–——

A1 We’re Coming [audio:]
B1 Ballroom Hustler (Original) [audio:]
B2 Ballroom Hustler (Billy Dalessandro’s “Pimps & Hoes” Remix [audio:]
** We’re Coming (Dafluke Remix) – Digital Exclusive [audio:]


“What do you do when you’re not busy running Siteholder Records?” people often ask of Chicago based DJ/Producer Brian Ffar. “Well, on the side,” Ffar regularly replies, “I’m a ballroom hustler.”

And hence follows an ode to dark rooms and late nights: The “Ballroom Hustler” EP, brought to you by the king of swing, Brian Ffar (also of Gourmet Recordings, Loco United, and Tic Tac Toe Records).

The A-side, “We’re Coming”, is a tech beast call to arms. Fierce drums, pummeling bass, and the simple vocal bring chaos to the dance floor. This is not opening material, this is full-on four-to-the-floor electronic dance music meant to be consumed by sweaty, packed clubs all over the world.

“Ballroom Hustler” graces the B-side both in its original form as well as with a Billy Dalessandro remix.

The original is all hustle and flow. Funky, charming, featuring an oozing bass line and pelvis shaking synth stabs. Don’t underestimate this track, winning the first round only to find out you’re about to be hustled by the ballroom hustler himself is a common mistake in the tech house manual.

Billy Dalessandro’s “Pimps and Ho’s”remix is all work and no play. It’s a testament to his time spent hustling the streets, churning out serious beats to put food on the table. Are you giving this remix a funny look? I didn’t think so. One more glance like that and you’re bound to get slapped.

Teflon Villain EP

Following the success of Siteholder Records, the Chicago based trio of Billy Dalessandro, Brian Ffar, and Daniel Mnookin turn things up a notch with Siteholder UnCut – a digital sub-label currently sold exclusively through Beatport. Featuring the edgier side of techno, one can expect a riskier sound from a wider range of artists (both well known and up and coming) that is bound to please both one’s aural senses as well as a packed dance floor. If Siteholder is any indication of what these Chicago natives have to offer, UnCut will only serve to further establish the label’s foundation of serious beats.

Artist: Brian Ffar
Title: Teflon Villain EP
Format: Digital
Cat. No.: SHUC004
Release Date: September 21, 2007

————— Tracks ——–——

Cabbie 6.10 [audio:]
Icebreaker [audio:]
Excessless [audio:]
Teflon Villain [audio:]


Coinciding with the highly anticipated release of the “Ballroom Hustler” EP on Siteholder Records, Brian Ffar takes it to the streets with “The Teflon Villain” EP – his debut for Siteholder’s sub-label, UnCut.

DJs entering a club without all of the necessities required to ensure top quality musical selection has become a common occurrence in modern day nightlife. Record bags filled with substandard beats are constantly finding themselves shredded by educated clubbing crowds that refuse to accept filler. Don’t find yourself on the decks without proper protection. Gritty, driving, and layered in all the right places with fitting subtleties; this EP, like Teflon material, is bullet proof.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the front wheel drive on “Cabbie 6.10”, “Icebreaker’s” smooth freeze, the dark, late night hypnotism of “Excessless”, or the epic enticements of “Teflon Villain”, any battle fought against these floor killers will be in vain. The only option is to make your way onto the dance floor and prepare for a techno-fied onslaught of impenetrable beats.

SHUC001 – Daniel Mnookin – Spotted Cow EP
SHUC002 – Huge Hephner – The Booty Drop EP
SHUC003 – DimDJ – Dead By Night EP

All tracks can now be downloaded at Beatport

[SH002] V.A. – Mining For Rough EP

V.A. - Mining For Rough EP

Label: Siteholder Records
Catalog#: SH002
Format: Vinyl, 12″
Country: US
Released: Nov 2006
Genre: Electronic
Style: Minimal, Tech House
Credits: Artwork By – Tommy O’Connor


A1 Billy Dalessandro – That Trick She Knows
B1 Brian Ffar – Red Cape Resistance
B2 Slutbox – No Chasers

[Loco United] Brian Ffar – German Girls

German Girls

Label: Loco United
Catalog#: LOCOUTD04
Format: Vinyl, 12″
Country: Germany
Released: 22 Jun 2006
Genre: Electronic
Style: Tech House

A German Girls
B German Girls (Skat Mix)

[Proton Music] Brian Ffar – Pop & Lock, Fool!

Label: Proton Music
Catalog#: PROTON0018
Format: File, MP3
Country: US
Released: 09 Mar 2006
Genre: Electronic
Style: Tech House

1 Pop & Lock, Fool! (Original Mix) (6:30)
2 Pop & Lock, Fool! (Dan Berkson Remix) (7:16)

[ttt07] Cant / Brian Ffar – Reach For It / Drip

Artist: Cant / Brian Ffar
Title: Reach For It / Drip
Format: Vinyl 12”
Cat.No.: TTT 007
Releasedate: 14.12.2005
A1: Cant – Reach For It (The Verdict)
A2: Cant – Reach For It (The Verdict / Brian Ffar Remix)
B1: Brian Ffar – Drip
B2: Brian Ffar – Drip (Cant Remix)

- the Danish label for high end minimal house and techno – presents to you a true quid pro quo release with Brian Ffar from Chicago, USA and Cant from Copenhagen, Denmark. Each have produced a track of their own – and both have requirked and revamped the other guy’s track into a remix.

Cant is already a household name for the Tic Tac Toe buyers, known as Hansen – the one half of Hansen & DJ Daniel. He is a technical mastermind that has produced music since God knows when – and he doesn’t limit himself to the boundaries of electronic dance music. Hansen has produced and released rock, pop, ambient and experimental records, and is also quite a name on the industrial scene, where he produces under his ‘Unveiled’ moniker, releasing on labels such as World Serpent.

Here on Tic Tac Toe, Hansen/Cant gives us the track‚ ‘Reach For It (The Verdict)’ that has that oldschool minimal noisy/dusty beat to it that brings some of the ol’ Chicago jackin house stuff to mind. A treat for the connoisseurs! The Brian Ffar take on the track transforms it into a true new school American minimal remix, subtly driven and filled with quirky dynamics with an eye for every detail.

Brian Ffar is one of the young and upcoming artists from the US. Living in the music history laden Chicago has influenced heavily on Brian’s evolvement as an artist. For the past few years, he has been focusing on the more minimal techier side of music. The track submitted for this split EP, called ‘Drip’, is an excellent example of the unique stuff, he is turning out – with promises of what can be expected from his studio in the future. On a deepish minimal skeleton, layers of deftly constructed sounds smoothly intertwine a subtle melody and bass line – creating an ever evolving track that moves you from the get-go and just gets more interesting every time you listen to it.

Doing the remix, Cant makes optimal use of the wide range of audio material and twirks the track into a jackin but still deep rework with an added oldschool’ish sound.

[DialTone] Brian Ffar & C.J. Tari – The Remixes

Handwritten Monster

Label: DialTone
Catalog #: DT005
Format: MP3
Country: Mexico
Released: 05 Nov 2006
Genre: Electronic
Style: Tech House, Minimal


Brian Ffar – Handwritten Monster (original)
Brian Ffar – Handwritten Monster (Akbal Dubroots & Robbie Remix)
CJ Tari – Senorita (Original)
CJ Tari – Senorita (Akbal Dubroots Remix

[Gourmet] V.A. – This Is Fresh Meat Vol. 1

Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat

Label: Gourmet Recordings
Catalog#: Gour024
Format: Vinyl, 12″
Country: US
Released: 28 Mar 2005
Genre: Electronic
Style: Minimal, Tech House
Notes: Side A – Written & Arranged By Dan Berkson
Side B – Written & Arranged By Brian Ffar

A1 Dan Berkson – Break The Silence (Vocals – MC Kabir)
B1 Brian Ffar – Chile Molester
B2 Brian Ffar – Room Theory

[Beat Code] Brian Ffar – Xactofunk EP

Label: Beat Code
Catalog #: BC007
Format: Vinyl, 12″, EP
Country: UK
Released: 2004


A1  Xactofunk
A2  Kindling (w/p w/ Sean Michaels)
B1  Your Move (w/p w/ Sean Michaels)
B2  Plinko (w/p w/ Daniel Mnookin)